What is Advertisement?

Various kinds of malpractices are used to lure the people to get support. We see a lot of advertisements used every where. We can them see on the T.V, magazines, social media, web pages, bill board and so on. Advertisements have become an inescapable part of product selling. Advertisement plays a pivotal role in current scenario. The dynamics of shopping trend have been changed rampantly over the years solely due to advertisement. We cannot think of product if it is not advertised. There are numbers of products which are not advertised as a result the sale it less. Not only that if the product is not advertised by a celebrity can’t think of buying. The consumers have also become addicted to this trend. In modern world, substantial population depends on the advertisement. One blind leads another blind and at last all land into ditch.

Who is targeted?

To begin with,it has been seen that majority of population buy products under the impact of advertisement.
Consumerism has changed the on going trends dramatically. Advertisement portrays the product in a commendable manner. The slogans and the lingoes are catchy,consequently people buy particular product.

For an illustration,the fairness creams and lotions have got immense demand among public because the way the product advertise in media. Moreover, not only the virtual media but also the colorful advertisement in the newspapers, magazines, big banners et cetera attract general public. Advertisement saves time, an individual can decide at earlier stage what product he/she has to buy. Additionally,an individual can compare different products relative to price,quality and quantity. The fast pace growing industry of advertisement completely overtake the today’s market.

The reality is that no advertiser uses the product which he advertises. Advertisements are meant for common people like middle class or poor people. The latest technology is used to make the advertisement more attractive and luring.

What is the negative aspects of advertisement?

But as every rose has thrones. In the same manner advertisements have their own negative aspects. Numerous parameters which attributed to disadvantages of advertisement are as follows.
Firstly, faux products, sometimes the product portrays in beyond reality for example the deodorants attract women.

I do not explicitly point out the product but we can see the man who never had gone to field and he advertises tractor or he or she might be consuming highly nutritious biscuits advertises the cheapest biscuits costing three rupees.
We are highly impressed by the person and blindly purchase those items.

Furthermore,the advertising agencies target the most innocent customer that are the children. For example, offering toys with chocolates so that a kid could replete from his/her penchant. Together with, the countless banking schemes, numerous loan schemes attract the people of nation in one way or another. It is undeniable that these changing trends are merely because of globalization.

To recapitulate, I would like to say that one must enjoy the different perks of advertisement provided that an individual should not trust blindly.

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