Priesthood a challenge!

The priesthood is a calling.Christ asks of some men the sacrifice of their lives in following Him as His more intimate companions. From all eternity, certain men are called to the priesthood. It is a call reflecting God’s ultimate plan for their life and because of this, it is a call that will bring them fulfillment. Thus, the priesthood is not simply one occupation among many. It is a way of life through which God invites a man to enter more deeply in relationship with Him.

But now priesthood is seen differently. Our priests have shown bad examples to their own people whom they are entrusted to be the keeper and leading them to God. Many candidates join seminaries to become priest. They have big expectations from being priest. Being priest is leading a royal life. They are given all facilities like vehicles, sumptuous food, well maintained house, a cook, a store full of grain etc. these are for their personal life. For social life, they are given school to look after. How nice! Life is all set. They need not worry to think how to spend day. All the time busy in the schools or dispensaries, wow!

There is parish priest in each parish where he is supposed to look after the people but he is also given charge of the school and so he remains busy in the school. Who is there to continue the ministry of God? No wonder why the people are tuning away from the faith. We talk about the early priests because they led a simple life and enunciated the message of God to the people.

It is out of doubt that we live in a period of history in which technology and its capacity to threaten and diminish human life are at hand. This is especially true for genetic engineering, abortion, capital punishment, modern warfare, euthanasia, prostitution, pornography, sexism, and racism. The importance of the family in modern society must be restated. Today the family is very fragile, and the priests may be more aware of that fact than anyone else in their knowledge of the private and inner lives of people they serve.

The condition of women within the Church is another critical issue. Women feel that they are not undervalued and their potential is unrealized. The Church acknowledges that women deserve to take their rightful place in equality with men but, unfortunately, the Catholic tradition does not yet permit the admission of women to priesthood.

The Church, too, is facing its own internal ecclesiastical pains. It is necessary to heal the divisions and tensions which exist within the Church, and face the problem of vocational decrease in both lay and religious people.

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