We Want Justice! Reservation is Poison! Reservation divides! Reservation Kills Talents!!!!!!

Reservation has been very much discussed about. Some people are on the road in favour and some against. So, all are being carried by this issue. There have been many strikes called out by people, rampaging the public property and hindering the economic growth. In many places people were injured. The atmosphere created, is beyond imagination.

Why is reservation being presented before the public as hot cake? Everybody wants a share of it. People have become blind, lost their sense of justice and wisdom has fled to the brutish beast. Today, because of reservation the lower castes are coming up because of which the higher castes are in hot water. They cannot see us coming up. This is the main reason they are against reservation. This feeling, they cannot express directly so they blame the constitution. It is true that they cannot be selected in the government official post because of high cut of marks. They require maximum marks to get selected as they are in great number to qualify the exams. On the other hand the we who had had no chance to have better education, how can we be expected to grow. In India the education system is different, for rich English medium schools and for poor, the government schools which are completely abandoned by the government as well as the teachers and the society.

The reservation that higher castes have enjoyed and still enjoying since the time of the establishment of the caste system was nothing but a trap created by some shrewd and crafty people. How well planned conspiracy against human being is being propagated that the Brahmans are born from the mouth of Brahma and Shudras from the feet. Has God being unequal to His own creation or is it a man made story? One is called to rule the people and the other has no right to ask question. The Shudras were deployed to serve the society with no questions. They had no respect or human dignities. For them social reservation is birth right and others cannot have reservation even after independence. The higher castes want to enjoy both social dignities as well as economic dignities. The Shudras should go back to where they were.

The higher castes want amendment in the constitution and removal of reservation as early as possible. Is this a solution? Can’t we think of other options? Having proudly completed our seventy years of Independence India is same. No one is fighting against the government. Why are the schools not running properly? Why are the hospitals not up to date? Why are the ministers becoming richer? Why are some businessmen involved in interfering the government? Why are the travel and communications not in time? Everywhere we can see that some private sectors are havering over the government to get access over the public places. Instead of developing the public sector the government herself is advertising the private sector.

Why can’t all of us fight against the government? We cannot because the government is powerful. So, express the anger on the poor, tortured and exploited people.

Reservation is not a favour but it is an opportunity for the exploited people to show that if they are too given facilities they can come up just as other have come up. They have enjoyed the social and economic benefits therefore they are good in education. They had had education, money and power. Their background is strong. What about the lower castes. They were never given chance to earn money. However hard work they did they were never given enough to have stomach full meals. How could they think of acquiring wealth? Religion and superstition was another, it also added salt to their misery.

We don’t want reservation. But can we get back our dignity? Can we also sit together, eat together, and get married our children whomever they like? Can we throughout the caste system? Can we follow the Gita in which Lord Krishna says that no one should be judged by the birth but by his deeds? If you can sacrifice the privileges we can sacrifice our reservation. Make a deal. I’m sure my people will not withdraw. If you can’t, then never talk of reservation.

If you want to fight, come out of your house and fight against the government. The so called public representatives have become our masters. They levy a huge tax in the name of development but facilities are completely denied. Why are we fighting among? We have always helped one another at the time of difficulties never asking of caste or creed. Let’s not be carried away by the trap.

Jai Hind!!!!

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  • Yes This caste system is very bad thing. If we began to help each other and allow inter caste marriage and also begin to indescriminate. Then situation of every Indian will be improved.Then there will be no shudra no Brahman all will be Indian.

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