Ryme of the Ancient Mariner

1 How did the ancient mariner stop the wedding guest?

Ancient mariner holds him with his skinny hand but the wedding guest was not interested in his story so he unhanded himself. The mariner hods the guest with the magic of his glittering eyes. So, he has no choice but to listen the story.

2 How did the wedding guest feel while listening to the story of Ancient Mariner?

The wedding guest become helpless and listened his story like a three year old child. He felt irritated when he heard the loud bassoon. He became impatient and beat his breast. He was eager to attend the feast.

3 Which line tells us the direction of the ship?

The sun came upon the left

And he shone bright, and on the right wen down into the sea.

4 What did the loud music of bassoon convey?

The loud music was played to announce the arrival of bride inside the wedding hall.

5 How is the beauty of the bride described?

She was as lovely as a rose.

6 How was violent sea storm compared to an enemy?

It was very violent. It completely overpowered the ship. Their ship was automatically driven to extreme south. The front part of the ship was dipped in water. Their ship was driven forcibly as if they were chased by an enemy who was shouting with all his force.

7 How did Mariners express the fact that they were completely surrounded by ice?

The ship was completely surrounded by the icebergs. There was nothing but ice. It is expressed as:-

the ice was here, the ice was there

the ice was all around.

8 Why the albatross had been considered as a Christian Soul?

In the land of mist and snow, where there was no creature seen albatross was the first creature which brought hope for them. So, they considered it as a good omen and welcome it in God’s name. Also, after its arrival ice split into pieces with a thundering sound and a good south wind blew which helped the ship to sail.

9 Describe the Albatross as a friendly bird?

The sailors gave the food to Albatross. It gladly ate the food. It followed the ship. It used to fly around the ship and used to come at the sailor’s call for food or play. It became friendly with them. At the time of evening prayer it would come and sit on the mast.

10 Who killed the Albatross? Justify.

The Ancient Mariner killed the Albatross with his cross bow. It was the heinous act of killing the without and reason.

11 The sailors are fickle minded. Justify your answer.

First, they blamed the Ancient Mariner for killing the bird of good omen. When the sun appeared bright and favourable wind blew they changed their views. They appreciated the Ancient Mariner for killing the Albatross due to which they surrounded by fog and mist. They did not judge it buy any standard of reasoning. So, they had no sense of reasoning.

12 How did the sailing conditions changed when they moved out the land of mist and snow?

When the ship moved out of the land of mist and snow the breeze stopped blowing and their ship couldn’t sail and became stand still. The whole atmosphere was filled with sadness. It was very hot there.

13 What is indicated buy the line :

The bloody sun, at noon

right above the mast did stand

no bigger than the moon

This line indicates that the sun was brightly hot. It was unbearable. It made the sky copper coloured. it didn’t look bigger than the moon as it was above the head.

13 How does Mariners describe that they were completely motionless in the middle of the sea?

There was no wind blowing. Everything appeared as still and motionless. “As idle as a painted ship upon the painted ocean” has rightly describe the situation.

14 What is the irony in the ninth stanza?

In the ninth stanza, the sailors were surrounded by water. They had run shot of drinking water. Although they were in the water they could not drink because the water was salty. They were dying of thirst.

15 What is the narrator trying to convey through the description of situation in the tenth and eleventh stanza?

The narrator is trying to convey the supernatural powers. Sea was rotting due to intense heat of sun. Sea creatures were crawling of surface of the sea. Death fires seemed to be dancing. The sea seem to be burning in different colours like witch’s oil. There was suffering everywhere.

16 Describe the condition of the Mariners as expressed in the thirteenth stanza.

The sailors were thirsty. Their throats and tongues had become completely dried. They could not speak as if they had been chalked with shoot. They thought that it was the spirit of the albatross which came to take revenge on them from the land of mist and snow.

17 Why did Mariners hung the albatross around the Ancient Mariner’s neck?

They hang the albatross around the Ancient Mariner’s neck as a sign of sin and guilt. It would remind him of his wanton act of killing the albatross. They made him responsible of their suffering.