Santosh Yadav (Part I)

Textual Questions:

Question 1: Why was the ‘holy man’ who gave Santosh’s mother his blessings surprised?

Ans. Santosh Yadav was born in Haryana, India where the society is dominated by male. Here sons are given importance. When the ‘holy man’ blessed Santosh’s mother with a son, her grandmother asked for a daughter. Hearing this ‘holy man’ was surprised.

Question 2: Give an example to show that even as a young girl Santosh was not ready to accept anything unreasonable.

Ans. Santosh was rebellious from the beginning. She objected wearing the traditional dress and wore shorts. She also threatened her parents of not marring if she was not well educated.

Question 3: Why was Santosh sent to the local school?

Ans. Santosh parents were affluent landlords and they could send her to the capital but following the customs of the family she was also sent to local school for her primary education just to enable her to read and write.

Question 4: When did she leave home for Delhi, and why?

Ans. Due to her determination to get good education she was sent to Delhi for higher education. She had turned sixteen to grab her opportunity to excel in life.

Question 5: Why did Santosh’s parents agree to pay for her schooling in Delhi? What mental qualities of Santosh are brought into light by this incident?

Ans. When Santosh’s parents refused to pay for the tuition fee she threatened to work part time to manage her school fee. It shows that she was completely determined to accomplish her goal.

Answer each of these questions in a short paragraph (about 30 words)

Question 1: How did Santosh begin to climb mountains?

Ans. Santosh had completed her Secondary School successfully in Delhi. She was further sent to Jaipur for college studies. She was enrolled to Maharani College and lodged herself to Kasturba Hostel. While she was staying at her hostel she used to see people climbing the Arawali hills. On her request they agreed to let her join them in mountain climbing. This is how her journey to become a great mountaineer began.

Question 2: What incidents during the Everest expedition show Santosh’s concern for her team-mates?

Ans. Santosh was very much concerned about her fellow climbers. While scaling the Everest, She shared her oxygen cylinder with her team mates. Although one of her team mates could not be saved but another one, Mohan Singh was saved because of Santosh’s help.

Question 3: What shows her concern for the environment?

Ans. Having reached at the top of the world she could not lose her civics sense. While returning from the Everest she brought back 500 kgs of rubbish from there. Many mountaineers go for conquering the Everest every year but they leave lots of garbage in their trail. This is threatening the ecology of the Everest. Sontosh’s act of bringing back some garbage shows her concern for the environment.

Question 4: How does she describe her feelings at the summit of the Everest?

Ans. It’s quite natural for anyone to experience the victory. She was overawed by the experience of reaching at the top of the world. The feeling took its own time to sink in. Then she unfurled the tricolour on the roof of the world. This was a spiritual experience for her.

Question 5: Santosh Yadav got into the record books both times she scaled Mt Everest. What were the reasons for this?

Ans. When she scaled the Everest for the first time she became the youngest woman to reach there. Within twelve months, Santosh found herself a member of an Indo-Nepalese Women’s Expedition that invited her to join them. She then scaled the Everest a second time, thus setting a record as the only woman to have scaled the Everest twice.


Extra questions:

How did Santosh prove repeatedly a successful mountaineer?

Ans. Santosh’s concern towards her goal matured rapidly. She developed a remarkable resistance to cold and the altitude. Equipped with an iron will, physical endurance and an amazing mental toughness, she proved herself repeatedly.

What is the special distinction of Santosh Yadav as a mountaineer?

Ans. Santosh Yadav is the only woman in the world who has conquered Mt Everest twice. She is a woman who got this distinction rising up from a rural background.

How did Santosh show contradiction to her name?

Ans. The girl was given the name Santosh, which means contentment’. But Santosh was not always content with her place in traditional way of life. She began living life on her own terms from the start.

What did Santosh tell her parents regarding her marriage?

Ans. Santosh was not in favour of early married life. She threatened her parent’s that she would never marry if she would not get a proper education.

Why did Santosh write an apology letter her parents?

Ans. Santosh’s interest to scale mountain reached to extend that she saved her pocket money and enrolled to institute of mountaineering. Unfortunately she could not go home due to mountaineering schedule. She wrote an apology letter to her parents for hiding a new course from them.