Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction

Today everyone possesses smartphone. We can say it is a need of hour or social status. All want to have a piece of it for many reasons. Students require it for reference purpose. Elders require it for growth of the business. Women are not behind. They need it for their favorite serials. So we can see everyone has some excuses to possess a smartphone.
I am not an exception. I too had one. I was very happy to have it but due to technical problems or say manufacture defects I was irritated to keep it. Eventually I had to discard it and shift to an ordinary keypad phone without MP3 or MP4 facilities.  I was happy that I would not face any problem in maintenance but this happiness did not last long when I saw my colleagues proudly leering at me to have once again. To the corner of my heart I had become inferior to my friends whenever I had to take selfie or play music or video or browse on internet. I could not fulfill my wish with my ordinary phone although the basic purpose of the phone was met. So out of suppressed desire of course on my birthday I bought a new set of smartphone.

You see how one cannot live without smartphone if he/she has had a little experience of it. One day he/she is bound to buy a new one. The pros and cones of smartphone cannot be done away.

According to many surveys carried out through out the world by different agencies reveal that people have become addicted to smartphone. 87% people use mobile phones on go. This appears to be the highest. It has led to many adverse situation, to the point of causing loss of life. Public transport is another place where people are found engaged on phones. We can see them conversing with their friends or business partners. The percentage is not less. It is the second most ranking by 57 %. many of us are addicted to study lying in our bed. This habit has also affected the mobile users. At least 55% people have been found obsessed with this mania.

It unbelievable that 36% people are addicted to use phone even in the bathrooms. How crazy! At least i am not one of those.meal hour is said to be a family gathering but in this techno world we can see 30% people are found using cell keeping aside our family members. The technology has taken away our peaceful life. In spite of traffic rules we can see the mobile users on phone while driving. 25% people knowingly risk their life. Some think that headphone is a good substitute but they are wrong. Let’s love our life, it is precious.

Almost in all the workplaces use of mobile phones are strictly forbidden even though we see 9% people appear to disobey all the rules of the workplaces. It creates a lot of problems to everyone.
The above data shows that we are carried by the technology. It is good that we are in the world of technology but let’s have control over it and not be controlled.

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